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The modern building industry focusses on 3 main parameters connected with steel structures:

lekkość ikona


szybkość montażu ikona



wytrzymalość ikona


Curved steel structures are therefore light, quick to assemble and offer excellent strength parameters, because loads are distributed evenly, smoothly and favourably.


The bending of steel pipes and profiles allows the designer to obtain all kinds of forms, even the most extravagant ones. Projects which involve curved steel structures offer fine and sophisticated forms, are futuristic in the full sense of the word and therefore define new architectural trends. An excellent example of this are MEMBRANE STRUCTURES, in which the technical fabric is rigidly and tightly extended over the structural frame.


PLSTEELER - we deliver structural elements of all shapes.
We obtain the desired shapes in the course of complicated non-linear analyses, which require the performance of complex, iterative calculations with the use of advanced digital tools.


We also deliver elements of curved structures intended for facades, attics, etc.


konstrukcje stalowe gięte

Our services include:

bending of steel pipes, profiles and other metallurgical products without any restrictions (the only restriction is the material technology);

laser cutting of steel;

plasma and gas cutting of sheet metal, pipes and profiles;

hemming of sheet metal;


all works connected with the processing of metal and its preparation during the production process.

All orders are delivered on time and in compliance with standards applicable to the particular type and location of the project.