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Corrosion is a problem in all types of steel structures. Stainless steel alloys can be used In special cases , but this represents a costly and frequently uneconomical solution.


The most economical (and a very effective) solution is the protection of structural steel using well-known methods, which are constantly being improved through the introduction of advanced techniques as well as better-quality materials.


We provide anti-corrosion protection using the following methods:


This method consists of immersing a steel element in a zinc bath. It is carried out in the temperature of approx. 450 °C. As a result, the material surface is provided with a protective coat of iron and zinc alloy.


Hot-dip galvanising - advantages:

provides effective protection against corrosion that lasts several decades;

zinc-coated elements do not require any additional maintenance;

zinc coating is highly resistant to friction or impact;

represents an optimum method for the protection of edges and inaccessible internal surfaces;

galvanising is a cathodic protection method (the protected metal does not corrode due to the corrosion of the protector);

environmentally friendly - no emission of harmful substances;

relatively low cost.


One of the latest coating techniques. Paint is applied to the material in the form of dry powder. Its tight adhesion to the surface is ensured through the application of triboelectric techniques (electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying).


Paint-coated elements are then baked in an oven. During baking, the powder is subject to melting and polymerisation, creating a durable and closely-bound layer.


Powder coating - advantages:

smooth coating, free of any fractures, sagging, blistering or wrinkling;

thermal resistance of coating is approx. 100°C;

high resistance to chemicals or mechanical damage;

environmentally friendly - no emission of any solvents.


In many situations, this well-known method is completely sufficient to provide steel structures with adequate anti-corrosive protection and an attractive appearance. It is also cost-effective, because it delivers good effects with minimum paint consumption.


Paint sprayed under pressure can be easily applied to all inaccessible places, creating a uniform layer that is free from any sagging, thickening or blisters. Due to these advantages, spray coating is still one of the most popular methods of anti-corrosive protection.


PLSTEELER - we apply anti-corrosive protection to our structures and deliver them to our Clients as a ready-to-install semi-finished product.